Inside E-Cat Fusion Factory

This E-cat video is interviews with Andrea Rossi regarding his fusor E-cat technology. The video show the E-Cat fusion background and stares Andrea Rossi and Levi amongst others. It explains how Rossi, Focardi and Levi came up with the idea of the secret E-Cat fusion formula. &nbsp

Full Coverage E-Cat Fusion Conference

As reported earlier a very important E-Cat Fusion conference was held saturday July 23, 2011. The conference started at 4:00pm at Villa Borbone in Viareggio, Italy. Delta Energie and Italian solar energy company hosted the said E-Cat and Cold Fusion conference. Heres a full coverage of what was said on this E-Cat Fusion conference:

Interview With Focardi Reveals New Facts About E-Cat Fusion

Sergio Focardi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Bologna and associate together with Andrea Rossi in the E-cat mission just recently was interviewed by Italian non-profit research organisation Energy Lab in the interview he clarified questions on E-cat Fusion technology. Heres a brief synopsis of what Focardi had to say regarding the Ecatfusion project: