Christos Stremmos On The E-cat Fusion Break Between Andrea Rossi And Defkalion

The E-cat admirer, blog writer and the most of times expert , Italian Daniele Passerini, whom in addition is actually an old buddy of Prof. Levi (University of Bologna) just launched some exciting facts about the E-Cat fusion break between Andrea Rossi and Defkalion..

In an email recently to Prof. Christos Stremmenos, Daniele asks what’s going on between Defkalion and Mister. Rossi. Today Daniele got an answer back.

From translated with Google Translate:

“The writer in hierarchical order, has sought to pursue in his life and humbly serve the following VALUES:

        * scientific truth and its contribution anthropocentric … …
        * The values of culture, democracy, human civilization and environmental health as it develops.
        * My home country, Greece is not in parochial, but diachronically as a figure, bearing the above values.

    For what concerns the first point, for intellectual honesty can confirm that based on my past experience, as the work of many other colleagues who have studied after 89 cold fusion or “nuclear reactions in the solid state”, aiming primarily demonstration of the existence of the phenomenon and its reproducibility was poor in all known to us. Ever since I converted, leaving the loaded electrolyte and opting for a more clean, ie the loading of nickel hydrogen gas (parallel research with S. Focardi and others), we believe that the phenomenon of nuclear fusion to Solid-state was a scientific fact but nothing more. Remained low production of excess energy, if the good reproducibility of the phenomenon was gradually improved …

    …The unique method that far exceeds the above-mentioned problems and that makes nuclear reactions in the solid state, exploitable in the industry is that of Mr. ANDREA ROSSI in close collaboration with Prof. Sergio Focardi. A landmark event both for the prospect of gradual satisfaction of the energy needs in the world for the potential barrier that keeps us from the point of no return  on climate change on the planet …

    …  I witnessed and participated in part, to the numerous tests and measurements, all performed with success in Bologna , not the one described in my informal relationship to the Greek government (07.07.11).

    In the presence of Mr. Rossi, Prof. Focardi, Dr. Bianchini, the writer, we found, as in all other evidence, the absence of radioactivity (a slight increase within the allowed limits, measured by Dr. Bianchini) and the production of thermal energy of 10.6 kWh / h, largely self-sustained . The numerical calculation made by Mr. Rossi, it coincides perfectly and is in perfect agreement with my analytical calculation (through a special computer program) that rigorously evaluates the fundamental function enthalpy with general validity .

    Mainly because my interest is and remains my contribution in the scientific and political level to encourage entrepreneurship and technology transfer Rossi in Greece, as I said earlier, my home, of course I regret this breach of origin purely financial … …  With the firm belief that those who have given this technology era, deserves absolute respect and consideration, I am consoled by my inclination to always look with optimism character to the forest and not the individual tree … ”

    cordial greetings

Ch Stremmenos

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