There Is E-Cat Fusion And There Are Gamma Rays Detected, But Radiation Is Not An Issue

Recently a video interview conducted with Rossi revealed that gamma rays have been detected and he was also asked whether his technology is indeed cold fusion. Gamma rays have been detected, which means that there is a risk of radiation, or so everyone would think. But Rossi stays rather cool and reserved, claiming that they’ve got the gamma ray issue under control, so much so in fact that goes as far as to say that “there will never be any kind of gamma emission.” He does not go into details as to how gamma rays have been tamed, but he does state that his E-Cat device is safe to install and use in home environments without any threats to human life.

When it comes to the question of the E-Cat fusion, it does seem to be happening, but whether it can be defined as cold fusion or not, the inventor did state that “they have found 511 kev gamma rays at the output… so we have some kind of fusion inside, but I do not think this is the main energy source.” So E-Cat fusion does take place, but so far it remains a mystery. On the other hand, though, it’s not like it’s the first mystery in the saga of Energy Catalyzers. E-Cat fusion, although a different kind of mystery, can be lumped together with the secret catalyst that Rossi employs for his nickel and hydrogen reactions, with the unidentified customer(s) of his and many other things that are yet to be brought to the light. In the meantime, however, we are assured that no radiation is going to leak, and these are not just statements, but a result of “thousands of hours of tests” that Rossi and his men made.

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  2. Alain says:

    the question is the dose.
    clealy all cold fusion experiments confirm no noticeable radiation above the usual background.

    of course with good tools you can detect some, but with banana too.
    radiation is one of the most easy signal to be detected at low dose… it is why you can panic and die of fear much before any danger.

    background can vary from a few mSv to 135mSv/y in some zone, with beneficial results in fact (better radio resistance):
    like cold fusion, those facts don’t pass easily wikigreen censorship.

    the FUD start to be spread to frighten the girls.
    good idea to start is to use banana unit to compare

  3. Blessed Imelda Lambertini in see
    Said the rosary with me when I visited Bologna.
    Prophet Bob Jones the guy who predicted
    AIDS in 1975 on GodTV said cold fusion
    Is caused by Prayer I wrote a letter to
    Flieschmann telling him of this.

    The sums don’t add up, the copper isotopes
    Are as in nature not the expected ones
    God can alter nuclear reactions
    p.s. I’d love to get involved

  4. jetmech says:

    what new rossi thing is there to discuss?
    there is no rossi ecat device available
    why do skeptics comment on a device that is not
    available? Only a secret customer has such a device
    and he is secret! There currently is NO Rossi Ecat
    device that is available for testing or anything else!
    All we have is speculation is it LENR? Is it Cold fusion?
    Is there a factory? Is there any competition? Does Defkalion have a device?
    NO one knows
    So what is there to be skeptical about? Nothing nada!

    I think it goes like this

    The same scenario!

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