Rossi Says All E-cat Information Are Confidential

On Andrea Rossi’s official website Journal Nuclear Physics, a frequent poster named Brian asked the Italian inventor if he could provide more significant details about the LENR based technology’s factories. He commented:

“I was wondering if you could give us any more detail about your factories. Are they in the US? How are the E-Cats being assembled? By hand? Are the persons in charge of manufacturing aware of the IP involved or just following instructions by rote? Would it be possible for us to see some pictures of the factory?”

In his previous statements, Rossi has already talked about this in his blog. In his response, Rossi simply have the same answers and explained why he cannot disclose the e-cat information in detail:

“Our factories are in the USA. We have a R&D center in Italy. We are programming a manufacturing center in Sweden. All the other information are confidential, let alone the photos.”

Meanwhile, another frequent poster Steven Karels also posted an interesting topic. One particular subject is about what the critics say about Rossi’s work. Karels stated:

“Meanwhile, your critics say the eCat was false and will fade into the past. Perhaps you should run your own demonstration to re-light the people’s interest.”

Rossi answered:

“We are working very strong to manufacture our plants. In our factories the work has never been so intense as it is in this period. Therefore the E-Cats, that soon will hit the market, will not fade, be sure. If there is around somebody saying the contrary, let them talk, while we work.”

Apparently, Rossi sounded very optimistic and confident with his answers. Frank Acland of the E-cat World shared Rossi’s statements on his own website. The post received much attention and many readers commented. Miles, one of the E-cat World readers said:

“The eCat Australia website say’s Mid 2013 but I got an email from Roger Green (CEO) saying it’s going to be late 2013. Manufacture as in the FINAL product for sale??? or is this still being tested. Shouldn’t Rossi be WAITING for the “report of the independent third party will be published” before “Manufacturing” the plant. He seems confident at this stage – is this the home stretch for 2013?”

Another reader answered and confirmed what Miles stated:

“I got the same reply from Roger Green. The units have not been tested in Australia and have no certification”

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