Rossi On E-cat Development

On December 5th, 2012 at 8:36 PM, e-cat follower Rosemary Ainslie posted on Andrea Rossi’s Journal Of Nuclear Physics or JONP, the official website of the Italian inventor’s e-cat LENR based technology. Ainslie commented:

“I have been busy on my own projects and have lost touch with your development. Could I impose on you to tell us where you are with your development? Do you envisage that any version of the E-Cat will be up and running in the near future? I believe you saw late 2012 – early 2013 as being on the table? Or is this time line extended a little?”

Rossi responded: “We are on our way to respect the scheduling we already anticipated.” Clearly, Rossi is very careful with his answer but we cannot be certain where they are when it comes to the development of his work. He only keeps on telling his readers that they are working very hard but continues to elucidate further. It can be very disappointing but we are reminded that the Italian father of energy catalyzers is under a strict non-disclosure agreement with the e-cat certificators. In addition, he also has partners in the United States that he needs to consider.

At the moment, Rossi focuses on heat and electric power production. He stated: “I am used to apply all my strength in the specific issue I am dealing with in the specific moment in the specific spacial fraction.”

On the other hand, another poster named Martin commented:

“In Holland we always give eachother presents for christmas. For me it is always double presents Because it’s my birthday! I would like to have three presents! So I hope you have some new information, pictures or video of THE hotcat!”

Rossi replied:

“I wish you a wonderful Birthday! Yes, I think you will receive the gift from me, as well as our Readers.”

The question is when will the e-cat readers receive this gift from Rossi? Based on his answer, Rossi refuses to provide a specific date of the announcement. This is going to be very exciting then if Rossi is able to release pictures and videos of the high temperature e-cats which are now considered as the most important e-cat unit which Rossi hopes to produce heat and electricity.

It is hoped that Rossi will be able to deliver before the year ends or early next year. He also stated that domestic e-cat should be in the market in 2013.

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