Rossi E-Cat Fusion Device Under Rossi E-Cat Fusion Device Under NASA AttackNASA Attack

Word has been going around that NASA has invested interest in the e-cat fusion device developed in the last three year by Italian Inventor Andrea Rossi.  Rossi who recently had a s sit down with Senator Tarr to explore E-cat manufacturing plants in the U.S. claims that his device is a LERN or cold fusion device that generates energy at nuclear nano-scale and so eliminates nuclear waste. 

Details about this e-cat fusion device have as expected been held under lock and key and so we are at this point still left to speculate if this is for real.  At this point Rossi declared triumphantly that he had already disposed of 13 industrial e-cat fusion plants but would not be able at this time to reveal the identity of his buyers. Some added obvious one plus one making speculations that NASA was the whale client Rossi transacted with.  Recent developments refute these speculations indirectly.

NASA representatives had the opportunity to attend one of Rossi’s e-cat fusion device demonstrations on September the 5th of this year.  Nelson reported that the devices performed below LENR standards which confirm their suspicions that Rossi’s e-cat fusion device was not working on a nuclear reaction level but rather on a chemical reaction level.  This only supports NASA’s research claim that LENR is a form of nuclear energy but is not equivalent to that of cold fusion.

Unidentified NASA demo observers commented about the September 5 demo series saying that: “Rossi had completely changed the cards concerning the test plan, the system to ne used among other things.  This was not in our agreement.”  As an example the described how Rossi prepped one thirty llier container reserves connected to the E-cat without ever disclosing the content and weight.   How this intel will affect the public outlook on Rossi is left to be seen.

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  1. Serdar Erkan says:

    Strange! I had expected NASA to appoint Mr Rossi as their new head and grant him around 10 billion dollars for this very valuable contraption. NASA must be idiots not to appreciate the true genious that guy is. After all the was at least able to con the gray matter lacking adherents so often appearing on this particular web-site.

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