Revolutionizing Energy With Rossi E-cat

In the past, Italian inventor Andrea Rossi said that he wants to revolutionize energy through his e-cat LENR based technology. He has been working very hard to further develop his device that uses an unknown catalyst in order to begin a reaction between nickel and hydrogen. As a result, an anomalous heat is generated. For more than a year now since he introduced his device to the public, Rossi remains optimistic about his prediction. The device, on the other hand, continues to demonstrate amazing achievements in every rigorous test Rossi conducted.

However, Rossi sounds quite different on his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics. When poster Fibb asked Rossi if he has any advice on how a middle-class, retail investor might play for profit the commercial LENR revolution, he answered No but he suggested to be very cautious until many plants will be in operation. And he added, “By the way: it will not be a revolution, but an evolution through series of integrations.”

Frank Acland of The E-cat World website discussed about Rossi’s latest statement and commented:

“I often wonder what it might take to make a dent in the way we power the world even if the E-Cat and Hot Cat work just as Andrea Rossi projects. Yes, he now claims to have a partner who will be able to help in the mass production of his plants — but even the production of 100,000 1 MW plants, (which would probably take a number of years to put into operation) either hot or warm, is not a very significant number compared to the amount of energy produced worldwide from a variety of sources. The International Energy Agency estimated that in 2008 the world consumed 143, 000 terawatt hours of energy, with approximately 90 percent of that energy produced from fossil and nuclear sources.”

Some people who have been following the e-cat journey are clearly surprised with Rossi’s statement but E-cat World reader Omega Z said that his change of tone is expected and described it as a natural progression. Omega Z further explained:

“From his postings, I’m sure this is where Rossi is only within the last 6 months. Reality is setting in.It will be a Revolution by way of Evolution. This technology will be gradually integrated with existing Energy production. At first, it will fill the need for additional demand. Gradually it will replace existing power generation. At some point becoming the Primary Energy production. Then gradually replacing what’s left.”

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