One More Competition For E-Cat Fusion

Daniele Passerni of 22Passi blog recently reported about Coherence 2011 Cold Fusion Conference last December 14 in Rome, Italy. The report has a list of links on the 10 presentations discussed and delivered during the conference. However, the presentations were in Italian. It is highly recommended for those who can read Italian to check those links. Although the translated version is not as accurate as the original text but at least the gist of the information can still be understood.

Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Fusion seems to be gaining more competition as the year is drawing to a close. Among the many interesting new information from the conference is the cold fusion work of an Italian physicist, Francesco Celani. According to the report, Francesco Celani claims to have successfully conducted a cold fusion experiment using nickel and hydrogen. Celani tried many other combinations of materials including platinum and palladium. But the nickel and hydrogen combination was what yielded the best results. Celani’s cold fusion cells allegedly produced 200% excess thermal energy more than the input. Francesco Celani collaborated with a Japanese researcher, Yoshiaki Arata, whose work on cold fusion became the inspiration for Andrea Rossi’s and Brian Ahern’s experiments.

It looks like Andrea Rossi is not the only one who came up with E-Cat Fusion device of this generation. He could probably be credited as one who really came out with full blast publicity. As we can all remember, E-Cat Fusion or cold fusion has long been discredited by the scientific community for over two decades now. But Andrea Rossi’s boldness seems to have motivated the others to come out and speak of their own cold fusion experiment.

The good thing about having more scientists experimenting on cold fusion, the faster it will be for this technology to develop.

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