Nobody Pays For Third Party Validators

Andrea Rossi made a very interesting revelation a month ago on his official website about his LENR based technology, energy catalyzer or also known as e-cat. He said that the third party certifiers are scientists, mainly with Physics Doctorate. Moreover, the real researchers of LENR are at most not well known and added that some of the well known ones are mental bricolagers. On his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, an e-cat follower, asked the Italian inventor who will pay the third party validators. Rossi answered:

“The Third Party Validators are paid by nobody. They worked exclusively for scientific purpose. Tha pact with us is: they are allowed to publish where they want the results, whatever the result. We had to put at their disposal the Apparatus, in a clean room, with all the electric connections under their control, without limit of time.”

According to Rossi’s information from his last answer it seems that the cat single module cannot be more powerfull than like now. Stefano,another JONP reader, told Rossi that the rise the power only with more units together. Hence, Stefano asked Rossi abot his scientific invention: Is there any reason? Can you put more powder and hydrogen to get more energy in a unit? Rossi replied:

“You are right. It is a matter of safety.”

Luca Salvarini expressed his joy on the website regarding the release of the third party report and his love for the e-cat.

“I’m very happy for the next release of the third party report! It won’t surely improve your e-cats or solve its engineering challenges… but it could be a powerful new source of hopes and dreams for a lot of people, and right now that’s exactly what we need, expecially when it’s believable and for free! And it would also help you to build the very necessary consensus among the public, politicians, regulators, media… for this new source of energy! Your entrepreneurial efforts to compete as it really was a free market are commendable, really (I’m a pro free market “extremist” so I LOVE the way you work, on your own and without government support indeed this is the very reason of your success)! But you definitely need also a large-consensus from all the stakeholders and you can’t build it only on your own… since they can easily and quickly stop you using many tricks: safety certifications, incomplete patents, spurious charges as you’ve experienced here in Italy.”

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