LENR Technology No Longer A Career Killer








The advancements of Andrea Rossi and his research and development team have certainly brought LENR technology and cold fusion into the lime-light – in a very good way.

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions were explored nearly 25 years ago, and when the results were less that meteoric, LENR became anathema. Any scientist, physicists, or member of the academia who even mentioned LENR and cold fusion in a positive way were certain to be relegated to the basement boiler room for the remainder of their tenure, if they kept their jobs at all.

Now, after nearly three decades of underground dedication, LENR is surfacing as the power of the new millennia. Commenters and articles written for both E-Cat World and Nebraska Engineer have compared the pending release of this new technology as the symbol of the “thaw of the intellectual ice age”. One poster compared the impact of Rossi’s E-Cat to the dawn of a new era promised on the Mayan calendar.

Whether or not you believe in the Mayan calendar, though, you can be sure that the larger E-Cats, reputed to produce enough power to run steam engines in industrial and commercial settings, will make a significant change in the economies of every country, reducing the tax burden on citizens, as government facilities no longer have to use fossil fuels.

The smaller E-Cats can be useful in providing heat for private homes, a phenomena that will put even more money back into our economies.

Now that Rossi has persevered through the skepticism and produced a provable product, other scientists, inventors, and professors are coming forward and either confessing that they have secretly been studying this technology all along, or they’re encouraging their respective institutions to dive in and figure out how to develop and use this emerging technology.

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