Is 2013 The Year For E-cat?

Before 2012 finally ended, there had been several updates that came out regarding the e-cat LENR based technology of Andrea Rossi. Most of the information provided were positive which led many e-cat followers to believe that the Italian inventor maybe able to finally start the commercialization of his new and controversial device in 2013. Last year, we also got to see the TV appearance of Rossi in a Swedish TV program that features anything that has something to do with science. The TV show is entitled “The World in Science”. In his interview, Rossi made quite a lot of interesting comments. When asked about the 1 MW e-cat plant, which was seen in the recent SVT program, Rossi stated:

“As I said and wrote many times, the Container of the 1 MW plant is the same tested one year ago, since to the military Customer we delivered different ones. This one, seen also in the Swedish Television, has been used to make tests, modifications, improvements, certification. It has been a tremendous tool for R&D. Now it is destined to a Customer. It will be delivered on March, after further series of modifications we have in course now. Thanks to it now we can pass to a repetitive manufacturing line. After a glorious first life as a prototype for R&D, it is on his way to go to work in a centralized heating plant to supply heat: this will be his second life.”

Frank Acland of The E-cat World highlighted the abovementioned statement. With the amazing achievements that the e-cat has demonstrated, Acland said, “it seems to me that 2013 may be the year that the technology hits the marketplace and the public consciousness and becomes seen more widely as a viable solution to many of the energy problems we face.”

There is no denying that many e-cat believers remain optimistic and hopeful with Rossi and his work. They continue to ask Rossi about the status and current affairs of his reactor. Most of them share the same goal and dream.  Perhaps, they share Acland’s too:

“My goal here has been is to follow the evidence, and try to get to the truth of the matter regarding this technology. I am hopeful, but am trying to be circumspect, since the truth is not served well by irrational exuberance. My best wishes to all E-Cat World readers — may 2013 be a good year for the cause of cold fusion.”

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