Important Key Points About E-cat

We have heard a lot of significant information about the e-cat LENR based technology of Italian inventor Andrea Rossi. It has been an amazing experience for all of the e-cat enthusiasts who have been following the story closely since the device was first introduced to the public. Skeptics continue to create controversies surrounding the credibility of the device. Leonardo Corporation,on the other hand, continues to conduct rigorous testing validations of the reactor which has been consistently demonstrating positive results. The recent TV appearance of Rossi on a Swedish program “The World in Science” inspires Frank Acland of the E-cat World website to provide his opinion about the developments of the e-cat. He enumerated some important key points shown he realized after watching the video:

1.) There is indeed a redesigned 1 MW E-Cat plant (low temperature), something Rossi has maintained for a long time.

2.) The E-Cat can self sustain. Linus Broholt, the investigating journalist said, “When Rossi has had his power cord unplugged a few hours during our interview, the heat is maintained in the reactor, according to measurements seen on the screen.”

3.) Physicists Kullander and Essen are still impressed with the E-Cat. Essen mentions that in the testing they did, the E-Cat produced 10 times as much power as the electrical input.

4.) Vattenfall, one of Europe’s largest power companies, is actively investigating the E-Cat to replace its traditional nuclear plants. In the program, Anders Aberg who is responsible of R&D at Vatenfall says,”This is something new, and we are obligated as a power company to check up on alternatives, of course. This is a possibility that might change the entire world . . . We have one problem, and that is we have to try to find replacement for nuclear power plants as times goes by.”

Swedish TV show “The World in Science” is a popular science program in Sweden. It is interesting to note that the reporter focused his report on Rossi himself and his new and controversial work – energy catalyzer or e-cat. A brief history of the cold fusion or LENR was also featured. Some of the well-respected scientists in the said field were interviewed. They all gave their view about the e-cat and how it can impact the world in the near future. All of them gave positive remarks about Rossi’s e-cat device as a powerful alternative source of power.

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