Ecat Fusion – Latest facts about E-cat

The stories for the day is that the Ecat fusion device, E-cat has arrived at The Washington Times, due to the fact that a lot more people around the world are considering the desertion of nuclear fission. Most people in the world are eagirly looking for a new kind of soultion when it comes to Fusion and energy.

In the meantime, the article published originaly by Investor’s World in Greece was incorporated and enhanced with details by Xhanti Press, a very local newspaper from the area from where the factory that will be building the 1 MW plants containing of a hundred or so Ecat fusion devices, E-Cats, is situated.

In the plant in Xhanti, Defcalion Green Technologies will certainly generate 1 MW units (which includes one hundred Cat-E each ). These types of units should be able to create thermal energy (and electricity) using the process of nickel-hydrogen reaction developed by engineer Rossi and by Professor Focardi.

Trade name revealed its going to be…..”Hyperion”.

The article confirms how the production will start in October 2011 and the factory will produce 300.000 devices yearly. As it seemde there will also be two hundred and fifteen new job opportunities created in the manufacturing facility from Xanthi, along with 2.000 individuals will form the assistance throughout Greece.

The manufacturing plant will also create a research center consisting of 25 scientists.

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