E-cat Scientists Are Still Working

The E-catreport.com blog recently posted a very interesting article about the main focus of Andrea Rossi and his new US partner concerning the energy catalyzer device. The website stated:

“February is supposed to be a big month in the world of the E-Cat. Andrea Rossi, his team, and his new U.S. partner are working hard to get the first Hot Cat factory built and delivered. Due to be installed this month, the public is eager to see the results of this great technology finally at work. In addition, this month or early March should see the release of the anticipated third party reports. There is no word, yet, as to where these reports will be released, and no further word concerning the peer reviews that were supposed to be done.”

Although Rossi remains tight-lipped about the third party e-cat report, he however revealed recently that the e-cat scientists are still working very hard to further develop the LENR based technology that promises to help solve the world’s energy crisis as well as global warming. The Italian inventor said on his official website Journal of Nuclear Physics:

“The scientists are still working and I have no idea of what they are thinking. I do not think we will know what they know and what they think before the publication of the report.”

One of the frequent JONP posters Koen Vandewalle commented:

“There is no way back. It is time now. You must strike first. Very, very, very exciting! I Hope you enjoy it. The world needs it. Thank you very much Mr. Rossi! Honestly, I was afraid that the happenings with the patents had closed too many doors.”

There is no denying that there have been several interesting and exciting things that happen surrounding the e-cat device. It is hoped that Rossi will be able to deliver what he promises. It should be noted that he previously said that they are still on schedule. This means that everything still goes well.

Meanwhile, e-cat enthusiast Joseph Fine asked Rossi about his research partner Prof. Sergio Focardi, and how the latter is feeling while the people wait for the report. Rossi said that his colleague is feeling well. He added that Focardi too is present to the tests conducted for the e-cat units, now and again. Rossi even described Focardi as smarter than ever. It is a public knowledge that Rossi and Focardi work together very closely in the hope to produce a working LENR device.

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