E-Cat Fusion Will Be Producing Electricity Along With Heat In The Format of 45 MW Plants

Cold fusion (also known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions) has been in development (even if banned and tabooed by the official scientific establishments) for the last 20 years, since the seminal breakthrough of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons in 1989. One particular engineer and scientist, Andrea Rossi, is known as the person who has seemingly broken through the impossibilities and achieved the production of energy in repeatable fashion and now he is working hard at robotizing the factory somewhere in Florida where this technology, known as Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat, is going to be manufactured (hopefully in autumn). This E-Cat fusion is currently available in the format of 1 MW plants that can be ordered and following autumn mass manufacture home units of 10 kW are also scheduled for sales.

This is huge in and of itself, and yet this is far from all the developments of Andrea Rossi and his E-Cat fusion. For the last couple there have been quite a few developments, which he was asked about. These answers are widely available at his blog Journal of Nuclear Physics. The most exciting one had to do with Rossi’s potential collaboration with Siemens, where he plans to employ their turbine for the production of electricity with his E-Cat fusion. He did announce the work on a 15 MW unit, but obviously either something changed over the weekend or there was some misunderstanding over the issue, as on March 9th he spoke of a 45 MW plant, which will be producing 15 MW of electricity (the remaining 30 will remain in the form of excess heat good for heating and hot water), half of which will be used for consumption by Energy Catalyzer modules and the remaining 7.5 is good for sales.

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