E-Cat Fusion: In The Public’s Hearts And Minds

It would not be surprising to know that those who have been following the E-Cat fusion saga have grown frustrated or lost interest due to the prolonged nondisclosure of important information. Up to this point, Andrea Rossi has not yet shown definitive scientific proof of validity for his invention. Aside from that the cloud of doubt lingers about all the other claims that Rossi made such as having sold the 1MW plant to the customer for whom the October 28 demonstration was conducted; or the 13 units of 1 MW plants sold to another customer.

Of course, Andrea Rossi always has good explanation for all these. But this does not negate the fact that the general public is hanging up in the air waiting for concrete evidence that Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat fusion indeed works as claimed. Even the E-Cat fans are getting restless and frustrated. As a matter of fact, one of the fans wrote to Andrea Rossi yesterday suggesting that those who are interested to buy 1 MW E-Cat fusion device but wanted to try the product must group together and raise money to buy one unit of a 1 MW plant. The goal is to have the E-Cat tested by independent scientists in order to validate the measurements and to study the science behind it.

Andrea Rossi had no objection to the idea. He said that whoever buys his E-Cat fusion devices has all the right to do whatever to it. Why would Andrea Rossi disagree? This plan will work well for him. He will make another sale, which means he will earn another 2 million Euro. Plus, somebody else will spend for independent testing which will give more credence to his invention. The inventor is confident that his product works regardless of what the skeptics say about it.

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