Andrea Rossi To Be On Swedish Television

On December 17th, Andrea Rossi will be on the Swedish television station SVT. He will talk about his E-Cat, and an E-Cat will be shown in operation. The link to the trailer has a few seconds of Rossi and his E-Cat. The announcer says that Rossi is a man “trying to solve the energy problems of the world”. That’s quite a compliment.

Rossi seems to avoid any kind of mixing with the media, so this is interesting that he should go on a public television station and talk about his device and technology. This opportunity to raise awareness of an alternate, clean energy, is rare. Most of the mainstream media outlets, even when they mention LENR or cold fusion, still speak of it in skeptical terms, or at least with reserve Here, it seems that Rossi will have an opportunity to go on air without having to battle the bias of pre-conceived conclusions. Good luck, Mr. Rossi.

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