A Useful Information For Rossi E-cat

The best thing about the Andrea Rossi’s official website Journal of Nuclear Physics is the fact that many LENR enthusiasts share their ideas and provide suggestions to the Italian inventor especially when it comes to his e-cat LENR based technology. Above all, many e-cat followers also share useful information via JONP blog. Pekka Janhunen recently posted a very interesting comment and Rossi thanked the poster for useful information. Janhunen shared:

“A random thought which might (or might not) be useful to you. There is a Norwegian company who makes a membrane which can separate nitrogen and oxygen from air, http://www.airproducts.no/technology. Such a capability might perhaps be useful in the following ways: 1) if hydrogen leak is a safety risk in some application, a nitrogen filled double hull could be used with hydrogen detector between the walls, and the nitrogen could be generated with this membrane technology on site, instead of buying it in cylinder.
2) the same technology can also enrich oxygen, perhaps that would enable a hotter gas flame (or hydrogen flame) for gascat.”

A few weeks ago, one of the frequent posters on Andrea Rossi’s blog Journal of Nuclear Physics, made an interesting proposal. It requires Rossi to work with bigger units of his LENR based technology. The argument is that the need for refueling would be less frequent with bigger e-cat units:

“…as your 1MWth plants have 100 10kWth units each, this makes 256400 (39% thermal0to-electrical efficiency) to 1659 (33% thermal-to-electrical efficiency) replacements of fuel each day! So, in the case of a 1000MWe power plant, wouldn’t a bigger scale of the individual units (bigger than the 10kWth you have now) be more optimal? (With less replacements of fuel each day, as only one of the improvements in this specific application?”

However, it seems to appear that Rossi does not see any reason to pursue the dream. In his answer, it looks likes bigger e-cats are no longer possible. Rossi responded:

“A piece of matter is made by 6.022 136 7(36) x 10^23mol^-1 units. Can you imagine a single molecule as big as all this the mess that could make? I do not see why modules of 10 kW each are not good enough to make a 1 GW plant. The Whole Universe is made upon this system, and I prefer to learn from God than to outsmart Him. The problem is in the controls: they can be centralized.”

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