10 KW Home E-cat To Be Released In 2013


Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has made several claims in the past few weeks regarding the progress of his domestic e-cat of 10 KW. Among the updates he has disclosed is its market release which is due next year. There have been widespread talks if 2013 is really the year for Rossi’s e-cat for home heating purposes. The technology could provide heat and hot water in a regular household that is said to be a legitimate replacement to the existing heaters used in a person’s home. There are no further details about the exact description of the unit but Rossi said that it will be explained in the comprehensive report he promises to publish in September this year.

Many people who are interesting in getting involved with the news and updates about the first commercially successful LENR device are really excited about this development. But it looks like the availability will take place in the later months next year mainly due to the certification process of the home-based e-cats. It is a public knowledge that the unit is currently under the certification testing and patenting. Although there is no statement from Rossi if the process is easy to pass aside from the fact that every e-cat follows a different stages in certification process, Rossi remains optimistic that he will be able to begin mass production of home e-cats starting next year.

In the hope to generate vast quantities of heat, Rossi e-cat uses nickel and hydrogen applied with an unknown catalyst during the controversial reaction that defies the laws of thermodynamics. The process apparently does not follow a traditional scientific process but it succeeds to produce massive amounts of heat that shocks the scientific circles. This is absolutely good news but a definitive proof remains crucial to the credibility of the technology.

The home reactor however can only provide initial solution to the world energy crisis because it is not capable to produce electricity yet. With the positive improvements of the home e-cat for only a short period of time show that the unit will be able to do the task if it receives the attention and support it truly deserves. Further study and research of home e-cat, it won’t be long that Rossi and his team will be able to design a home e-cat that can produce electricity. The only challenge is the budget it requires to continue the study and research. We all know that until now, the device remains financially unstable.

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  1. jetmech says:

    Ok best answer. Who cares about the “science” behind any of these claims.

    Rossi and his Ecat so far HAS NOT delivered the goods.
    No real customer has ever gotten their hands on one.
    What is to make of that?
    That is the question. Is it a scam?
    I think that the answer to that will be for each person to judge. How many years are you going to wait before a Rossi Ecat is sold not only to a “real customer” but to more than one “real” customers?
    So far no goods have been delivered.
    My guess is some people will call it a scam 6 months from now, some a year, some two years etc.
    Who cares about MIT, National Instruments etc. Where is the working, produced and sold Ecat?
    That is why I say my “best answer” IS NOT TO LISTEN TO PROMISES BUT WAIT FOR THE REAL DEAL!
    As long as the Rossi Ecat remains an unfulfilled promise speculation as to its relevance, effectivity and conspiracy theories will thrive.
    Deliver the goods Mr Rossi!

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