About E-Cat Fusion Test October 6th

There is some new facts about the e-cat fusion test that will be conducted on october 6th in Bologna. Amongst others Andrea Rossi has confirmed that they will measure the flow of water in the secondary unit with a standard water flowmeter.

E-Cat Fusion Test Data Will Be Published Soon

Rossi confirms that the test data from the E-cat fusion modules will be posted and published soon. This request has become more interesting after the latest test conducted of the one MW plant where Swedish magazine was invited to observe the one MW plant.

Andrea Rossi Biography – The E-Cat Fusor Story

Andrea Rossi, the e-cat fusion developer, is an Italian inventor who has a Masters Degree in Engineering from Milan University . During his twenties, he already started to produce plants to recover energy from waste heat from organic waste and similar sources. At the age of 22, he started his own company in the field …

Greek Authorities Test E-Cat Fusion Device Hyperion

Cold fusion and E-cat fusion has lately stirred general public curiosity, has gained controversies and has made scientific brains think more. Equally gathering popularity, alongside with the cold fusion scientific endeavor is the term hyperion which now have been tested by Greek goverment. 

Former Sceptics Confirm Ecat Fusion

With the increase of all the naysayers, the topic of low energy nuclear reaction, like E-cat fusion, has been discussed a lot, these days. Theres been a lot of explaining relating to e-cat and e-cat fusion to people whom know nothing regarding the technical areas of E-Cat. U It is inevitable to stop the doubters …