Rossi Describes His Work As A Prototype Growing Up

Andrea Rossi made a very interesting statement about his work in response to a poster on his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics. Ecco Liberation, a JONP poster and an e-cat follower, asked the Italian inventor about his e-cat LENR based invention. The question has something to do with the ongoing testing of the fusor …

Rossi Reveals 1 MW E-cat Design

    Italian inventor Andrea Rossi has recently disclosed the design of the 1-megawatt industrial e-cat. This is very surprising, shocking in fact, because Rossi does not usually provide too much information that is as surprising as this. The latest e-cat detail was posted on his official blog Journal of Nuclear Physics.

The Coming Market Release Of Domestic E-cat

What is clear so far about the upcoming market release of domestic e-cat that Andrea Rossi is that the Low Energy Nuclear Reactions technology can generate massive amounts of heat that safe, clean and cheap. Other than that, it is still guesswork for many e-cat followers on what really is and how big is the …

E-Cat Fusion Helps Reduce Food Prices

In an essay submitted by Christopher Calder, he talks about the need for E-Cat fusion. He said that since the said device offers a cheap source of energy, it would eventually help reduce food prices. This way, food would become more affordable.

E-cat Fusion Technological Impact [follow-up]

After the previous article, where a discussion about possible implications of e-cat fusion was opened, and after receiving a very interesting comment from Brad Arnold, one of our loyal readers, we felt obliged to do some more research and follow-up with more outcomes of an e-cat fusion governed world. The following observations are based on Jed …